Public Deliverables

STAR-ProBio public deliverables:

  • Deliverable D1.2: Mapping of relevant value chains and stakeholders
  • Deliverable D2.1: Report summarizing the findings of the literature review on environmental indicators related to bio-based products
  • Deliverable D2.2: Selection of environmental indicators and impact categories for the life cycle assessment of bio-based products
  • Deliverable D7.1: Examination of existing iLUC approaches and application to bio-based materials
  • Deliverable D9.1: Comprehensive overview of existing regulatory and voluntary frameworks on sustainability assessment
  • Deliverable D9.2: Recommendations for standards and criteria for eco-labels for bio-based products
  • Deliverable D10.1: Launch and management of dedicated website and social media
  • Deliverable D10.2: Data Management Plan (updated version)
  • Deliverable D10.3: First year report on communication, dissemination and publication activities + Appendix