Our main Goals

  • Develop regulations and standards for bio-based products​;
  • Boost the market-pull and promote market uptake for bio-based products;​
  • Perform policy analysis (scenario analysis) in order to support the European Commission in developing a common framework (level playing field and harmonized policy regulation).

How we will achieve these goals

  • Through the adoption of life-cycle methodologies
    • LCA
    • LCC
    • S-LCA
  • Through the analysis of selected case studies
    • construction materials​
    • bio-based polymers​
    • fine chemicals.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop a fit-for-purpose sustainability scheme;​
  • Identify gaps regarding sustainability indicators, requirements and criteria;​
  • Develop a sound and harmonised approach for environmental LCA, Social-LCA and techno-economic LCC assessment of bio-based products;​
  • Enhance the reliability of sustainability certifications and standards;​
  • Assess the effectiveness of the proposed sustainability scheme for selected case studies;​
  • Develop an approach to identify and mitigate the risk of negative ILUC effects;​
  • Encourage market pull for bio-based products through the assessment of consumers’ preferences and acceptance;​
  • Spread awareness about sustainable production of bio-based products among farmers associations, industries, EU bodies, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from the civil society.